A Special Message from ENSO 

Dear Enso friends,

April 30th will conclude our final week of yoga classes on zoom. It has been an honor to serve the yoga community and we look forward to seeing you at future gallery events and cafe nights. We are eternally grateful to all who contributed to the last 25 years.
Dino and Terry Andreotti- it couldn’t have happened without your generosity and trust.
The teachers who led and inspired us: Natalie Hanson, Amy Outman, Robert Denies, Amy Lin Thomas, Lisa Love Hall, Jessica Bowlby, Kerry McClure, Meg Belichick, Judy Pruzinsky, Linda Grace Frost, Courtney Woodrow, Colleen Tourianne, Denise Vaughn, Soraya Orumchian, Anna Marie Enea, Kim Combs, George McCann, Tamara Radcliffe, Malinda Thompson, Bhavani Maki, Rhanjani Cobo, Elizabeth Mcleod, Erin Tormey, Brenda Oliver, Amy Naff, Jeanne Sentman, Jimee Greco, Samatha Corsiglia, Allie Andrus, Ashleigh Hare, Betsy White, Kimberly Paul, Setareh Noviscky, Quinn, Olivia Wu, Ernie Gundling and finally, Enso's first instructor, Paul Reynolds.
Thank you to Alicia Vargas, Jeff Barbour, Lisa Petrides, Erin Tormey and Deb Daugherty for invaluable administrative and technical support.
A deep bow to: Kathy Whalen, Sally Lehrman, Tom Ballantine, Janine and Jon Miller, The King Family, Steve Trusso 
Thank you to our family, friends and neighbors for their council, encouragement and patience.
And most of all, a huge debt of gratitude to the community that practiced yoga here at Enso. It is your energy that will continue to make this place special. Please stay in touch with Enso and your teachers, too. Here's their contact info, followed by this week's final zoom schedule.



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