Here's our plan for in-studio logistics:

Class length: Classes will be 60 and 75 minutes long

Payment: For the time being, all studio classes will have a drop in rate of $20. We will not use the class card system. We will accept payments of cash (exact change), checks, Venmo and Paypal. We will not have time to run cards at the front desk. 

Please note, the sliding scale cost for zoom classes is being adjusted. The new fee is $10-$20 based on ability to pay. 

Props : Students must bring their own mats and props. The studio will not provide any.

Social Distance : The gallery and yoga room floors have been painted to mark off six feet of social distance for approaching the front desk, leaving shoes in the gallery and setting up mats in the studio. We will use the gallery's large barn doors as the entrance and exit.

Arrive:  10 minutes prior to class.

Masks: Wear a mask entering the gallery, and to / from your mat. You may remove it during class or choose to practice with your mask on.


The studio opens July 1 for group practice.

Classes will accommodate ten individuals, plus instructor,  with six feet between the center front of each mat. There's two additional spots where pod members can be side by side. We know some of you will choose to continue a home practice. Turnout to Kelly Avenue will be smaller than normal and we foresee having space  for everyone who arrives at the studio.. If needed, the website will be upgraded  to preregister students. For now, we'll apply first-come-first serve directions. Teachers will live stream their studio classes through Zoom. Students practicing at Enso will not  be seen on camera. Not all teachers are returning to the physical classroom. The zoom schedules will also continue.

Travel light: Leave as much as possible locked in your car. Cubbies are not currently available. Only shoes will be left in the gallery on painted guides. Props and minimal outerwear will be allowed in the yoga room.

Sign In: Front desk sign in will include a temperature check, and signing  of a covid screening and consent form. Pen holders are marked "Sterile" and "Used"

Hand Sanitizer: Please use hand sanitizer located at the front desk in  motion activated dispenser. 

Entering the  yoga room: please set up in a designated spot beginning with the far, outer positions. Turquoise arrows indicate the front / center of your mat. Red arrows signify pod practice. 

End of class: Students closest to the door will depart first, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, no more than two at a time in the gallery. Please move efficiently to retrieve shoes and exit the building without lingering.

Cleaning: Floors, surfaces, doorknobs and bathrooms will be sanitized after every class.







3 class card $40/ One Month / New Students Only

available only at studio in person

5 class card $90 / One Year
10 class card $160 / One Year
30 class card $390 / One Year
All ages welcome. Children under 12 half price.

5% Senior discount on 30 Class Card Only
Cash or check payments at studio

or purchase a class card online



60-Minute Class  $20
75-Minute Class  $20
90-Minute Class  $20


•5,10 and 30 class cards expire one year from date of purchase

• 3 class cards expire one month from date of purchase and are available as a one time introductory offer to students new to Enso.

•5% senior discount (65+) applies to 30 class cards only.

•Class cards cannot be shared or used by guests of the card holder. 

•Class cards are non refundable or transferable.

•Class cards  may be put on hold for medical reasons if the studio is notified promptly.

•Enso accepts payment by cash, check, credit or debit card.

•Enso is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 




Mysore style Ashtanga is an individualized practice. As each student is in a different stage of their practice, they do not practice in unison with each other. A beginning student might have a 20-30 minute practice, that will grow with their commitment. A minimum practice of three times per week, working toward daily practice, is recommended for Ashtanga class attendance. The goal of Mysore practice is for each student to develop an individual practice that can be done at home. 


In the Ashtanga Led Primary Series students are guided in unison through a dynamic and flowing sequence of postures that is directed towards strengthening, toning and cleansing the muscles, joints and internal organs. These classes are beneficial for every student of yoga!


Join us in this powerful combination of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, bandha (energy lock), and chakra (energy center) work to build strength, clarity, and ease. Expect to be challenged as this practice will take a whole body and mind approach to effect the way you move through the world.


This class utilizes props (blankets, bolsters, straps, blocks) to fully support the body in restful poses, allowing students to stay in postures longer. Practicing primarily seated and reclined asanas, this is a deeply relaxing class, appropriate for all levels, including those recovering from injuries or with limited range of movement.


Mostly seated and reclined poses are combined with stretching, breathwork and relaxation. This is a calming and nurturing class that is appropriate for all levels of ability.


Experience a compassionate approach to flowing with the breath through sun salutations, standing, seated, supine, and inverted postures. With the room temperature set to 85 degrees, your body will be comfortably warm and able to move more deeply into postures. Dynamic sequencing combines breath and fluid movement to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and concentration. Building gradually allows both newer and more advanced students the opportunity to go deeper or relax, honoring the body as needed. Discover freedom and playfulness on the mat and in the full practice of life off of your yoga mat.


A meditative floor practice where poses are held longer and deeper to strengthen connective tissues (tendons, fascia, and ligaments) with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.  Much of the focus is between the belly button and the knees - particularly the hips, pelvis and lower spine.


Our community class offers a safe, comfortable space to build our yoga practice together. Through sun salutes, flow and breath we will discover the magic of yoga and how it contributes to a healthy joyful life.

TRE Tension Release Exercises (TRE) learn to naturally release tight muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve your sleep.

Learn to release stress, anxiety, and tension from your body naturally using our body’s own genetically encoded mechanism, that presents as a tremor, vibration and or mild shaking. Animals do this naturally, and so can we!

We will do a series of gentle exercises that will “activate” these tremors that allow our “core” muscles to release.


Lying comfortably on the floor, using breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, we’ll tune ourselves to the focused repetition of small movements.

Be prepared to do less than you are able.

Find how deeply you can disengage your muscles, and how efficiently you can use them.

Wind down to build sustained support.

No yoga experience necessary, only the desire to slow down and focus inward, developing a practice that can both relax and energize you. 

For more than twenty years, Meg Belichick has been both chasing and following her daily yoga practice through her life’s challenges: depression, divorce, disability, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and the holidays. She is grateful that it keeps changing!

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