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Meditation Workshop

April 07, 2018

Anna Marie Enea, RYI, MS.

- level 2 certified meditation teacher and  has been teaching meditation since 1999. 

- 2 / 500 hr verifications for teaching yoga 500 RYT. From Amrit Yoga and Ananda. Certified in yoga of the heart   Restorative and Chakra 

Wednesdays - 12:00pm - 1:15pm

April 11th - May 2nd

4 week course with 

Anna Marie Enea of Choose Total Wellness

The workshop will be an introduction to meditation. Whether you are new to meditation or just want to enhance your daily practice this workshop will be helpful to you.  In my own practice I found that having a meditation teacher made a huge difference.

We will cover meditation on breath, mantra based meditation, sense perception meditations, guided meditations, yoga nidra (sleep based meditation) and living your life as a meditation by being present in your daily life.  We will briefly touch on proper sitting techniques and setting up a sacred space for your practice.

Contribution of $45 - 4wk workshop

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Enso Yoga

131 Kelly St

Half Moon Bay

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